Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, Friends of the Library members experience a small (6%) decline in their in store revenue and a very large (31%) increase in their online revenue, resulting in an average net 50% increase in overall profit.

No. Only a fraction of the items sold are from donations to the library (10%-15%). Of the small percentage that are donations, those donations are creating cash revenue for the library and thereby serving the library well.

The Book Forest has been building its reputation and network for over eight years. We help identify more of our members’ items for sale and identify those items that can be sold at a higher value. These activities increase overall profit earned by our members, even after the commission has been paid. The Book Forest can also work with your online sales volunteers.

Not at all. The Book Forest handles every aspect of your online sales. From listing your books to answering questions, setting up your amazon.com account, and making the final sale, The Book Forest enables The Friends of the Library to make more money selling books on-line, with unlimited tech support. The Book Forest is here to help you every step of the way.

Typically, our smaller libraries earn $100-$400, while our larger libraries earn about $1,000-$1,500 each month. It all depends on the volume items sold and the dedication of the library to participating in the program.

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